OCR Alpha

OCR Alpha is an executive search firm specialising in the provision of human capital across the alternative asset management universe.

Our mission is to deliver what we promise – a consistent, transparent, effective, and results-driven talent service to high-achieving and ambitious professionals and organisations across the alternative asset management universe.

Meet the

Leadership Team

Our small, but growing team stride towards building career defining relationships that position OCR Alpha as a leader in our field.

Matt Proffitt

Founder & CEO

Matthew is the Founder and Managing Director of OCR Alpha, and oversees all teams internally. He founded OCR in 2015, and has overseen the firms growth since then. Matt is a graduate in Media and Business from the University of Leeds.

Jed Hornyold

Partner - Investment Recruitment

Jed is a Director for our Front Office division, overseeing all of our Investment focussed mandates and taking a lead on all Portfolio Management searches.

Will Fieldhouse

Partner - Non-Investment Recruitment

Will heads up OCR Alpha’s Non-Investment team and has worked across the vertical since joining the business in 2015. He oversees all Middle Office, Finance, Marketing, Risk and Compliance mandates. He is a graduate of the University of Nottingham.

Jessica Phelan

Director - HR & Talent Recruitment

Jessica leads our HR & Talent practice, managing HR recruiting mandates in North America and the UK, including the following disciplines- Executive HR, Generalist HR and Business Partners, Talent Acquisition, Total Rewards, HR Operations.

George Wilkins

Director, Quant Research & Tech

George leads our Quantitative Trading and Analytics team covering searches from mid-high frequency across multiple asset classes and products globally.

Vikki Argent

Head of Operations

Vikki is responsible for all operational requirements of OCR Alpha and assists closely with the strategic growth of the business. Having started in recruitment in 2007 she has experience in a variety of roles across the recruitment sphere.

Guiding principles